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Empower Youth Vision is a non profit organization run by the youth for the youth!

About Us

What is EYV?

Empower Youth Vision was founded as a way to give back to the youth community and assist them in having a successful future.

Our mission is to provide the youth with a sturdy foundation today so they can be bright future leaders tomorrow.

Empower Youth Vision offers:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Fun events
  • Social media groups to interact on
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Assistance with fitness & healthy lifestyle

EYV is a great initiative which helps the youth with one of the most important decisions they'll ever have to make: choosing a career pathway. The EYV team is very friendly and helpful and the events are interesting.

Trevor Sookraj

EYV guided me to the path of which career I am passionate about. Knowing what career I want to succeed in the early future of my life I am now able to focus on a specific field and obtain my goals.

Tahir Francis

Having the opportunity to interact with other individuals who share the same passion gave me a clear reflection of myself. Not only was I able to have a better understanding of the field I want to pursue, but also I was able learn about the experiences and knowledge along with it. The motivation I obtained through EYV has definitely lead me to the right path.

Kristy Ho

I value the innovative concept of EYV. It's a successful experience where students can take imitative as school ambassadors and gain experience that they may use towards their futures.

Bianca Budar

EYV is a great initiative for today's youth. Through personal experience, I can agree that choosing a career pathway is a very stressful time, especially at such a young age. EYV helped me realize what career I would be both passionate about and successful in; through it's guest speakers and interactive seminars. Excited to see EYV's impact in the next few years!

Prabhav Gogna

EYV helped me connect with others who shared my passions and helped me pursue my goals and aspirations.

Chris De Vrij

EYV provided me with a platform in which I could truly strive for greatness. Networking with like-minded youth enabled me to figure out what I am passionate about and provided me with the necessary vision to succeed.

Allan Mukundi

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to experience and to meet with many of my peers who, like me, want to explore the many paths we can take to achieve a better future.

Emily Burns

Our Team

The Empower Youth Vision executive team is very excited to make a big impact on the youth community this year!
Rahul Guggali
Founder / President
Vice President

Executive Team

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Keeping Up with EYV

Miss an event? Want to attend future events? Below you'll find a list of all events in 2014 and 2015 and have the opportunity to reserve your spot for the events!


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