About Empower Youth Vision

Empower Youth Vision is a youth-run organization and was founded in 2014 by Rahul Guggali as a resource for the youth to use to make better career decisions and gain essential skills required for the workplace.

Executive Profiles

Rahul GuggaliHiranyam Karnik
Rahul Guggali

Rahul Guggali
Founder President
Rahul Guggali is a first year student at Western University with Advanced Entry into the Ivey Business School. Academically Rahul is one of the top achievers and has won many awards for his academics throughout high school and university. Additionally, he is an aspiring entrepreneur who has been recognized by the co-owner of Boston Pizza, Jim Treliving, for his outstanding entrepreneurial work.

During high school, Rahul was the captain and MVP for 3 consecutive years on the tennis team. Rahul was also a member on North Park’s DECA chapter. Rahul represented team Ontario at the international stage twice against the best of over 200,000 competitors worldwide. Rahul returned to Canada with 5 medals for team Ontario in 2 years and won 7th place overall.

Rahul has continued to stay involved with his school at Western. Rahul is an active member of Western Investment Club, Western Capital Markets, and the Pre-Business Student Network. His interest in case competitions has led him to continue winning many competitions.

In his free time Rahul enjoys giving back to the community by giving free tennis lessons to the youth. Rahul was also the executive manager of the Mayor’s Youth Team and still continues to impact the youth of his city however possible.

As Rahul is getting set for his professional career, he looks to pursue a career in the field of finance.

Rahul’s favorite quote is:

I love to compete. To me, business is the ultimate sport. It’s always on. There is always someone trying to beat me.Mark Cuban

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Hiranyam Karnik

Hiranyam Karnik
Vice President
Hiranyam Karnik is a first year student at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management in the Business Management program. Hiranyam has demonstrated an interest in business at a young age and has been part of the International Business and Technology program through both Middle School and High School. Hiranyam has also been exposed to a lot of hands on opportunities in which he has started numerous ventures and participated in numerous case competitions. Hiranyam’s entrepreneurial talents have been recognized by the likes of co-owner of Boston Pizza, Jim Treliving.

Besides his love of business, Hiranyam also strongly believes in community involvement. Hiranyam has participated in Brampton’s IIFA Buzz and Toronto`s first ever “Open Streets TO”. Within his school Hiranyam has also been involved in DECA Ontario as well as the school tennis team.

In the future Hiranyam aspires to start his own company which will impact the world in a way that it inspires others to also try their hardest and reach for their full potential.

Hiranyam’s favourite quote is:

Change begins at the end of your comfort zoneRoy T. Bennett

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